Willowbrook Alpacas


British Alpaca Futurity

Showcase for British bred stock.


British Alpaca Society

The British Alpaca Society (BAS) was set up to provide information and support for alpaca owners and breeders within the UK. They maintain a Pedigree Registry which contains extensive breeding records. BAS registered alpacas have to meet eligibility criteria, which offers prospective purchasers of registered animals with a greater degree of assurance. 

All of the alpacas who have been bred, or are resident at Willowbrook Farm are registered with the British Alpaca Society.

South West Alpaca Group 

The South West Alpaca Group is a regional group of the British Alpaca Society, and provides advice and support for those with alpacas in the South West area. They coordinate frequent meetings and discussions with other members to facilitate the sharing of information and experience.


UK Alpaca

UK Alpaca is a privately owned company established to buy huacaya alpaca fleece from British growers. Their aim is to create a viable fibre industry in the UK, to offer sensible returns to the grower for this luxury product.

We sell a certain quantity of our fleece for further processing, and our local spinning guild is always keen to buy raw fleece. However, the majority of our alpaca fibre is hand spun by my fair hand!!


Alpaca World Magazine

An independent quality magazine published quarterly for alpaca owners and breeders

The British Alpaca Society