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About alpacas

An Alpaca is a member of the Camelid family and is from the domesticated animal of the same name. This animal is native to the Andes of South America and resembles the Llama (although smaller in stature) both of which are related to the Camel Guanaco and Vicuna.

There are two distinct breeds of Alpaca. The most abundant is the Huacaya which has a crimp like wool and comes in 22 beautiful shades from creamy white to blue black. The less common Suri has a lustrous fine fibre with no crimp. The fibre hangs down from the body to give the appearance of long dreadlocks.

Alpacas are gentle and on the whole very placid animals. They are easily managed and provide our family with huge enjoyment. My young son (aged two) takes his responsibility of daily feeding very seriously. We have to use the correct bucket (to avoid a potential dispute!) and stand by the feed troughs calling ‘Girlies’ in a rather loud voice!! Thankfully although not isolated we are also not overlooked by neighbours!!

My son also enjoys nothing more than taking his favourite alpaca Archie for a walk every day to collect the post!

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