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Alpacas for sale

Although we are continually breeding to improve the quality of our herd the value of a specific alpaca is dependent on the age and quality of that particular individual. We try our utmost to provide an honest and objective price based on the animal's genetics, fibre characteristics and conformation.

These are just a few of the animals currently for sale. If you cannot find what you are looking for please phone or e-mail. We have contacts with other quality breeders, so if we cannot offer what you require, we know someone who can.

Having farmed beef cattle and kept livestock for over 20 years, we have always been aware of the need for good bio security. Most good husbandry practices and experience can be transferred and applied to the health and welfare of all agricultural animals. We have always kept up-to-date medical records for each individual animal, and we also keep movement records which are available for all customers to view if they wish. It is important to us to protect our own investment and the well being of our herd as much as possible, as well as giving our clients the confidence that we have taken all reasonable steps to offer healthy alpacas for sale.

The British Alpaca Society