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Male Alpacas for Sale - 2020 release of alpacas from Willowbrook Alpacas - Alpacas Wiltshire

Young Male Alpacas for Sale

Willowbrook Excalibur

Willowbrook Alpacas Excalibur

(taken in May 2020)

Willowbrook Excalibur

Willowbrook Alpacas Excalibur

(taken in June 2020) - newly shorn

Willowbrook Excalibur  SOLD


WB Excalibur is registered with the British Alpaca Society as a solid dark brown huacaya male. He is a young intact weanling, with an inquisitive and gentle disposition. As the photographs demonstrate, he is very handsome, with a strong compact frame and very attractive head type! Phenotypically, WB Excalibur is true to type, with a strong bone structure, correct conformation and bite, and a very desirable short nose.

His fleece is ultra fine and dense, with a good staple length and coverage, and displays both a very good level of brightness and character. It is beautifully bright and soft (see fleece statistics), so could be spun to produce some exquisite yarn. Excalibur has a kind temperament and is currently being halter trained for ease of care and owner enjoyment. He is being sold as a non-breeding male, and as such would make a superb fibre producer, or with his good looks, an eye-catching grass trimmer!

Alpacas have strong herd social instincts and so need to be kept in a group of at least two, but preferably three or more for their own well-being. They are increasingly being used as flock guardians for sheep or chickens as they have an inherent dislike for foxes!

Excalibur is for sale with his two friends Cyclone (white) and Flapjack (brown). Please refer to other listings below for further information.

Contact Hannah on 07514 672147 for more information or to arrange a farm visit.

Date of Birth - 02/09/2019




Willowbrook Cyclone

Willowbrook Alpacas Cyclone

(taken in May 2020)


Willowbrook Cyclone

Willowbrook Alpacas Cyclone -

taken in June 2020

Willowbrook Flapjack, Excalibur and Cyclone

Willowbrook Alpacas Cyclone

pictured with his friends Flapjack and Excalibur


Willowbrook Cyclone  SOLD

Willowbrook Cyclone is a friendly and sweet natured, solid white, juvenile huacaya male. He is currently being halter trained ready for his new owners, and is used to children. Sired by the prize-winning stud 'Valley Alpacas Invictus', he has some fantastic genetics on both sides of his pedigree.

His fleece is very fine and bright, solid white in colour, and has a lovely soft handle. It has above average length and density, with a well-defined staple.

We are careful not to over handle our youngsters, but like them to be friendly and easy to manage. Cyclone would make a wonderful companion animal, for someone with an interest in spinning or knitting as he has a high quality fleece, or as an unusual grass trimmer!

We are selling Cyclone with his friends Excalibur (dark chestnut brown) and Flapjack (dark brown with two white front feet), as alpacas are herd animals and cannot be kept on their own.

Contact Hannah on 07514 672147 for more information or to arrange a farm visit.

Date of Birth - 04/08/2019












Proven Stud Male Alpaca for Sale


Willowbrook High Five

Willowbrook Alpacas High Five

Willowbrook Alpacas High Five - Fleece

Willowbrook Alpacas High Five

- fleece picture

Double Trouble - female daughter of High Five

Willowbrook Alpacas Double

Trouble - Daughter of High Five - 2019




Willowbrook Alpacas High Five  SOLD

High Five is a well grown, proven, solid dark brown huacaya male. His siblings have had great success in the show ring in the brown classes; most notably his full sister, Willowbrook Alpacas Sizlin Serenity, won three Champion, and two Reserve Champion titles. She achieved a score of 80.5 with her intermediate brown fleece at the National Fleece Show in 2014, narrowly just behind the Supreme Champion white fleece! Another full sister, Willowbrook Truffle, was 1st junior brown fleece at the Heart of England Fleece Show October 2015 (largest fleece show in Europe, with 240 of the industry's best fleeces competing). She was shown on a further two occasions, and was awarded two additional 1st places, and a colour Champion. High Five’s full brother is a proven stud who has produced his own prize-winning offspring, and another full sister was awarded 1st Junior Brown female at the NSS in 2018.

High Five has a good depth of high-quality brown and black breeding in his ancestry, and both sides of his pedigree feature many show winning names. His sire, 'Snowmass Sizlin Hot', has proved repeatedly that his progeny are able to win classes at the most prestigious shows, and still continue to do so (refer to Stud page for list of progeny achievements).

High Five is a well grown male with good conformation. His fleece is very even in colour and has a lovely soft handle. It is fine, has a good staple length, and displays a good level of density. High Five's second fleece had a lower MFD reading than his first fleece, so it would appear he is following in his sire's footsteps. Sizlin Hot's 13th fleece had a MFD of just 24.0! High Five started work in 2017, and his first two lovely, solid dark brown female cria were born in 2018. Both their fleeces look very promising and display the desired qualities we are aiming to breed. His daughter Autumn Spirit will be shown this season, and he has three further cria due this year.

If you are looking to add great genetics, density and colour, at an affordable price, then High Five could be for you. Contact Hannah on 07514 672147 for more information or to arrange a viewing.

Fleece Statistics:

First Fleece MFD: 18.8 um

Second Fleece MFD: 18.6 um, S.D. 4.2 um, C.V. 22.3%, % fibres over 30 microns: 1.78% (taken at 1 year and 11 months - European WTA)


Date of Birth - 02/07/2015




Included with the sale of all of our alpacas are the following:

  • British Alpaca Society registered, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped animals
  • Free transfer of alpaca Pedigree Certificate to the New Owner
  • An introductory husbandry course on the chief aspects of alpaca care
  • Full alpaca medical records
  • After sales support

If you have any questions please contact us for further information or to arrange a farm visit.

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