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Alpaca fibre

Alpacas are bred solely for their fleece. The product they generate is highly desired by the fashion industry because of its luxurious qualities. In Inca times alpaca fibre was referred to as the ‘Fibre of the Gods’ and was reserved for use by royalty.

Alpaca wool strictly speaking is hair fibre rather than wool. It differs slightly in structure as it contains an air space at the centre of the cortex. This air space provides the fleece with wonderful insulating properties and strength without weight. Alpaca yarn is second only in strength to silk and handles like cashmere.

Alpaca clothing may be of particular interest to those who suffer from allergies or have exceptionally sensitive skin. There is an absence of lanolin in the fleece and individual fibres have less distinct scales that do not project from the shaft as is characteristic of wool scales. Garments crafted from alpaca yarn are incredibly soft comfortable fine and lustrous.

Alpacas produce fleece in more than 22 natural colours which reduces the need for dyes and harsh chemicals. This protects the hypoallergenic qualities of the fibre resulting in fine and natural products.

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