Willowbrook Alpacas
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Alpacas originate from the Andean countries of South America where the climate can be incredibly harsh. They are very hardy animals that have evolved to survive in extreme conditions. Consequently, within the UK there are very few areas, if any, where they do not perform very well.

Alpacas do not require top quality pasture, as they are fantastically efficient grazers; hence nearly all farming land is suitable.

5-6 animals can be kept to the acre, depending on the time of year, and if supplementary feed is given.

We have found that a greater number of small paddocks have been more useful than one or two large ones. You are able to rotate animals to ‘rest’ the grass, and segregate males from females, or mothers from babies if so required.

Their feet are padded, and hence they do not poach the ground in the same way that horses or cattle do.

The British Alpaca Society